Rome, Italy: Basilica of Saint Praxedes: Chapel of San Zeno: Mosaic of Jesus Christ and Saints Peter and Paul 2

dc.contributor.authorSheppard, Beth M.
dc.descriptionThe Basilica of Saint Praxedes (in Italian: Basilica di Santa Prassede, commonly known as Santa Prassede) is a Catholic basilica located in the Rione Esquilino (or district of Esquiline). Esquiline is the name of a Roman hill, one of seven on which the ancient city was built. The church was rebuilt by Pope Pasquale I in 822 CE and was restored multiple times since then. It was built principally as a resting place for the relics of Roman martyrs and was dedicated to the second-century Saint Praxedes, who was the daughter of a Roman senator. Along with her sister, Praxedes provided comfort and care to Christians persecuted in the Roman Empire. The sisters were murdered for burying early Christian martyrs, which defied Roman law. The church is known for being the most important example of early Christian Byzantine art in Rome because of the mosaics decorating its apse and side chapels. The photograph shows an apse mosaic decoration in the right lateral Chapel of Saint Zeno (Cappella di San Zenone) within the Basilica. Pope Paschal built the funerary chapel for his mother, Theodora. In the mosaic, Jesus Christ is the central figure, holding a jeweled book, and is flanked by St. Peter and St. Paul. This photograph shows this particular mosaic within the greater context of the chapel.
dc.metadata.catalogerRogers, Shelley
dc.rightsCC BY-NC-SA 4.0
dc.rights.holderSheppard, Beth M.
dc.sponsorThis image was made available, in part, through a generous grant from the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation.
dc.subjectBasilica di Santa Prassede all Esquilino
dc.subjectBasilica of Saint Praxedes
dc.subjectChapel of Saint Zeno
dc.subjectCappella di San Zenone
dc.subjectByzantine Art
dc.subjectJesus Christ in Art
dc.subjectSaint Peter in Art
dc.subjectSaint Paul in Art
dc.titleRome, Italy: Basilica of Saint Praxedes: Chapel of San Zeno: Mosaic of Jesus Christ and Saints Peter and Paul 2
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