Magdala (Taricheae)

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Magdala is also known as Migdal Nunayya and Taricheae. There was also an Arab village at the location, al-Majdal. It is located on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee, north of Tiberias and south of Ginosar. It is at the foot of the cliff known as Mt. Arbel. Primarily associated in the New Testament era with fishing, it is the traditional home of one of Jesus’ followers, Mary Magdalene. Hence the site is a pilgrimage location for Christians. There are two ancient synagogues at the site. The one discovered in 2008 is the better curated of the two as 2023 and is featured in this photograph collection. The excavation and complex which is property of the Roman Catholic Church, is the site of a luxury hotel (retreat center) and a series of chapels in a building called Duc in Altum. A key objective of the way the site is curated is to connect Christianity with its Jewish roots. Photos were taken by Dr. Beth M. Sheppard in 2023.