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Students in the Spring 2024 course, "Information Literacy & Research" showcase their experiences at UWG. This project also assists thosse students submitting matterials in this module to better understand how metadata and search terms function by creating their own for the objects that they are archiving in this collection.


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    Annotated Bibliography
    (2024-02-29) Crawley, Allison
    In this annotated bibliography Allison Crawley highlights and reviews five sources that suppport her thesis that unresolved childhood trauma can cause developmental delays in adulthood in the areas of interpersonal relationships and introspection. This work was completed in partial fulfiment of the course, LIBR2100, "Information Literacy and Research", which is offered as a core course by Ingram Library.
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    Geology Lab Experiment
    (2022-11-02) Allison Crawley
    This is a photo of a lab that is offered in the Introduction to Geology Lab course at UWG. This allows students to hands on build their own landforms and connect with how the land forms itself.
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    Elders Within Media
    (2023-12-07) Crawley, Allison
    This is a final paper that covers some psychological and stereotypical ideas around our elders within media. The negative and positive affects that occur when being "old" in film. How technology advancements may break these stereotypes and others that are similar. Human growth and development is the course that influenced this research.
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    Mixed-Media 1
    (2019-02-22) Fleming, Caitlin
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    Charcoal Still-Life
    (2018-11-01) Fleming, Caitlin