Ravenna: Archiepiscopal Chapel (Chapel of St. Andrew)

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The Archbishop's Chapel (or Archiepiscopal Chapel, or Cappella di Sant'Andrea, or Chapel of Saint Andrew, or St. Andrew's Chapel). The chapel is housed within the Archiepiscopal Museum that forms part of Ravenna Cathedral in Ravenna, Italy. The chapel is located on the first floor of the bishops' palace. It was erected in the 6th century by Bishop Peter II, shortly after he became archbishop in 495, to serve the bishops of Ravenna. This chapel is the smallest of the exquisite mosaic sites in the city. The mosaic decorations in the Archbishop's Chapel are among the finest examples of Byzantine art in Italy. Photographs of the exterior were taken by Dr. Beth M. Sheppard in 2017. At that time, photographing the interior was not permitted. Metadata cataloging was completed by Shelley Rogers.


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